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HatBuddy is a proud sponsor of Miss Rodeo USA!


One of our delightful and lovely new HatBuddy fans is none other than 2011 Miss Rodeo USA. HatBuddy is a Proud Sponsor of Miss Rodeo USA.

Hat Buddy

Hat Buddy





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For a small added fee, ($9.00) we will be happy to embroider any name on top of your HatBuddy in all caps-Western Font- unless otherwise specified, to add that extra special, personalized touch. Then we'll deliver right to your door! Order your professionally personalized HatBuddy today.


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Looking all over the web, western shops and truck stops around the country, for something that will keep your hat from sliding all over your vehicle WITHOUT bending or deforming the shape of your hat? We have just invented your solution!


You can drive around sharp curves, make quick turns, sudden stops and your hat will stay put! No matter what kind of road you drive on, smooth, bumpy, paved, gravel, or one full of pot holes Hat Buddy will keep your hat where you put it! No more reaching for your hat at every turn or sudden stop! Ah, the joy! 

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Hat Buddy

"We have the PERFECT solution for folks who have been searching for a reliable way to keep a hat in place and in shape inside living quarters of a horse trailer."


Why HatBuddy?:

1Protect Your Investment- Hats are not cheap and we understand that you want (and need) to maintain the shape, cleanliness and overall original look of your hat. No one likes to have their hat crushed! With HatBuddy, you can keep your hat in tip-top shape, so it lasts longer.


2. Highest Quality, Very Affordable- Compare HatBuddy to other hat holders. We believe you'll find that there really is no comparison! HatBuddy guarantees absolute satisfaction. For less than half the cost of one average tank of gas, HatBuddy (purchased one time), keeps your favorite hat right where you put it... every time! Each HatBuddy is hand-made to last. We use only the highest quality materials and with every stitch tested, we strive to insure that your HatBuddy will be your Best Buddy for a long, long time.


3. Easier To Use- With Absolutely No Mounting, No Hardware, No (Anything really) Required, you can move it quickly and easily from one vehicle to another vehicle, to a home, to office, to your barn, to another... well, you get the picture!

4. Put It There and Forget About It- No more need to worry about grabbing hold of your hat before driving around that next curve or before making that next turn. It's much safer to just watch the road instead of watching your hat slide across the dashboard or into the floor. With HatBuddy you can rest assured that, "Where You Put Your Hat... is Where it'll Be!"

5. Forget About The Neck-ties. This is What Dad Wants- Trust us. This is one gift that he'll thank you for over and over again, for days and years to come, because it's something that he can really use... and IT WORKS! But it's definitely not only a cool gift for men. Everyone who wears a hat- men, women, or children, can use a HatBuddy. Each and every HatBuddy that we sell looks just as great and works just as well on a dresser or shelf, as they do on a dashboard. They're one-size-fits-all... and we gladly fill special orders, in just about any color you like! We can even add a person's name, special characters or other desired branding.


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